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Protection of users in the platform economy: mapping the scenario


We have just launched a survey on the regulation of online platforms in the sharing economy and we would greatly appreciate your support!

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Rossana Ducato, Enguerrand Marique, Anne-Grace Kleri, Cynthia Delronge

Collaborative law and business – Equal Day 31 May 2018

Equal is organizing a study day in Brussels on “Collaborative law and business”, which mixes panels on digital platforms, social economy, democratic participation and the future of work.


The full program is accessible at equalday.eu/en/. Inscription is compulsory.


April 18, 2018 – Conference in Brussels on crowdwork

The Labour Law Research Group of the Université catholique de Louvain will organize a conference (in French) on the future of Labour Law for Platform workers on April 18, 2018.

The full program is accessible here

City4coEN – Steering Committee meeting

The Collaborative Cities for Collaborative Entrepreneurs (City4coEN) project held its Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, 16 January.

In the first part of the afternoon, project promoter Tom Dedeurwaerdere introduced the project, outlined the team’s view of the collaborative economy and the work conducted to date.


Researchers Elisabetta Severi and Louise Lambert respectively presented the mapping of collaborative initiatives in the four sectors of interest (mobility, food, housing and object-sharing) in Brussels and their organisational and economic models, based on the typology developed by Nyssens & Defourny (2017).



The policy brief that provides further background on this theoretical framework, previously presented at the stakeholder workshop on 4 October 2017 can be dowloaded here


Karen Brabant presented two key terms that are crucial for understanding sharing practices and the potential for the collaborative economy to achieve achieve greater sustainability: agency and sociability.



For further reading on these concepts and examples in the Brussels-based collaborative economy, the relevant policy brief can be accessed here


Anne-Grace Kleczewski discussed the legal liabilities of collaborative providers and the challenges presented by the current legal vacuum in this respect. 




The second part of the meeting addressed policy measures that aim to support the collaborative economy. After a brief overview of results collected through interviews with representatives of public administrations, the participants of the Steering Committee meeting contributed, in true collaborative fashion, to completing the list of measures (in Belgium or inspired from abroad). 


City4coEN is research project financed by INNOVIRIS and led by UCLouvain, USaint-Louis Bruxelles, KU Leuven and Odisee. Other relevant documents relating to the project are a preliminary report on the multi-criteria assessment: Report #1 Preliminary Assessment

8 March – Debate on the Sharing Economy

In partnership with Full Circle, the Brussels-based Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) is set to host a debate on the sharing economy on 8 March 2017. Three guest speakers – Juliet Schor (Boston College), Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation) and Steve Keen (Kingston University London) – will take the floor to discuss the issues that lie behind an increasingly contested term. 

The debate, titled “Let’s get real, the sharing economy is not about sharing!” will question whether the sharing economy represents a genuine counter-cultural movement that breaks with the past economic system, or if it is a case of offering old wine in new bottles. 

The debate will be held in English. Further information and ticket reservations can be found here

Conference on The Platform Economy – lessons from ECJ ruling in Uber Systems Spain SL

Today, the Court of Justice of the European Union held that internet platform Uber does not merely provide an App: it offers a full transport service. Uber exercises a decisive influence over the conditions under which drivers provide their service: the price, the minimum safety conditions, the conduct of drivers and their exclusion from the platform (C-434/15).

This decision addresses the very core of several highly debated questions on the legal status of online intermediaries (e.g. Uber, Airbnb & TaskRabbit). Does the emerging Platform Economy necessitate regulatory intervention? To what extent can platforms be held liable? Does national regulation impose disproportionate market restrictions on innovators? Do platforms qualify as employers? Is the potential loss of social protection of workers detrimental? Do platforms evade tax obligations and other regulations?

Experts in contract law, E.U. law, social law and tax law will discuss these questions during a conference at KU Leuven on Monday 19 February 2018. Deputy prime minister Kris Peeters will open the session. This conference is relevant for all legal professionals who will be increasingly confronted with online intermediary platforms.


Register online before 12 February 2018 (fee: 150 euro, incl. participation to the conference, documentation, lunch, coffee break and the hard cover book with a market value of 95 euro).

Click here for further information

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  • 12h15 Registration & Lunch
  • 13h00 Introduction – A political perspective
    Kris Peeters, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Employment, Economy and Consumer Affairs


  • 13h15 Platforms: To Regulate or Not To Regulate?
    Prof. dr. Alain Strowel, Université Saint-Louis & UCLouvain
  • 13h35 Liability of Platforms 
    Drs. Bram Devolder, KU Leuven
  • 13h55 Law Evasion in the Platform Economy
    Drs. Nicolas Van Damme, KU Leuven


  • 14h20 A Common Market in the Platform Economy
    Prof. dr. Wouter Devroe & drs. Friso Bostoen, KU Leuven
  • 14h40 Platforms and Consumer Protection
    Prof. dr. Denis Voinot & dr. Aurélien Fortunato, Université Lille 2
  • 15h00 Model Rules on Online Intermediary Platforms
    Prof. dr. Christoph Busch, Universität Osnabrück
  • 15h20 Coffee break


  • 15h50 Labor Protection in the Platform Economy
    Prof. dr. Valerio De Stefano, KU Leuven
  • 16h10 Social Protection of Non-Standard Workers
    Prof. dr. Paul Schoukens, KU Leuven & Tilburg University & drs. Alberto Barrio, Tilburg University
  • 16h30 Social Security and the Sharing Economy: Dilemma and Paradox
    Prof. dr. Yves Stevens, KU Leuven
  • 16h50 Alternative Methods of Protection 
    Prof. dr. Wouter Verheyen, Erasmus University Rotterdam


  • 17h15 Direct Taxation of Platforms 
    Prof. dr. Luc De Broe & drs. Dina Scornos, KU Leuven
  • 17h35 VAT in the Platform Economy
    Prof. dr. Edoardo Traversa,UCLouvain & prof. dr. Kenneth Vyncke, KU Leuven
  • 17h55 Closing Remarks – An Academic Perspective 
    Dean Bernard Tilleman, KU Leuven
  • 18h15 Questions & Answers


Lecture series on “The Law of Digital Platforms”

The CRIDES (UCLouvain) and the Centre Perelman (ULB) organise a lecture series dedicated to “The Law of Digital Platforms” from February 6 to April 17 2018.

The seminars will be held in French at ULB (campus Solbosch).

The scope of the lecture series is to investigate the most prominent legal issues posed by digital platforms and their business models.




February 6 (12-14h)
Introduction – Le droit des plateformes
Benoît Frydman (ULB), David Restrepo Amariles (HEC-Paris) et Alain Strowel (UCL-USL-B)


February 20 (12-14h)
Travailler sur une plateforme
Auriane Lamine (UCL) et Céline Wattecamps (UCL)


February 22 (18-20h)
Plateformes et algorithmes : audits et régulation
Dominique Cardon (Sciences Po Paris)


February 27 (12-14h)
L’Etat comme plateforme numérique
Gregory Lewkowicz (ULB)


March 6 (12-14h)
La lutte contre les discriminations sur les plateformes
Ana Maria Corrèa (ULB) et Isabelle Rorive (ULB)


March 13 (12-14h)
Gouvernance des données et plateformes
Alain Strowel (UCL/USLB) et Enguerrand Marique (UCL)


March 20 (12-14h)
Stratégies des plateformes en Europe
Louise Fromont (ULB) & Arnaud Van Wayenberge (ULB)


March 27 (12-14h)
Le droit européen et des plateformes
Vassilis Hatzopoulos (Université Panteion/Collège d’Europe)


March 17 (12-14h)
Les plateformes financières
Tilen Cuk (ULB) et Pauline Bégasse de Dahen (ULB/USLB)


Download the program