Good practices and collaborative economy

Mapping the sharing economy risks and assessing the good practices to prevent them

After having devoted a first cycle of conferences to digital practices (notably: “Contracts and Cloud Computing, 2013, Cross-border legal telephony, 2014, participative finance, 2014), the CRD & R. Demogue team is now focusing more specifically on practices implemented in the collaborative economy sector, following the signature of a research contract with the MAIF Foundation.

The collaborative economy is based on the confidence of the users of the platforms, which does not prevent them from being exposed to risks that the project “Good practices and collaborative economy” will have to identify.

After conducting a risk mapping, using both a bibliographic and a survey work, the team will propose a grid of assessment of the good practices of the players in the collaborative economy, develop platforms that take into account the risks their business can generate.


Denis Voinot (Université de Lille) Professor Scientific Director of the program

Aurélien Fortunato (Université de Lille) Doctor of Law Program Researcher`

Juliette Sénéchal (Université de Lille) Lecturer Program Researcher

Laurence-Péru-Pirotte (Université de Lille) Lecturer Program researcher

Laetitia Garica (Université de Lille) Lecturer Program Researcher


Fondation MAIF