Research Observatory on Sharing Economy, Law and Society

An international and interdisciplinary network for the study of the emerging legal, economic, and social issues of the sharing economy.

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Observatoire de Recherche sur l’Economie Collaborative, le Droit et la Société

Un réseau international et interdisciplinaire pour l’étude des récents développements juridiques, économiques et sociaux de l’économie collaborative.

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Research projects


Collaborative cities for collaborative entrepreneurs: promoting regional economic development, social inclusion and environmental sustainability in the collaborative economy.

Good practices and collaborative economy

Mapping the sharing economy risks and assessing the good practices to prevent them.


The Internet of Platforms. An empirical study on private ordering and consumer protection in the sharing economy.


Platform Regulation and Operations in the Sharing Economy

Protection of users in the platform economy

Contribution to the international project “Policy frameworks for digital platforms – Moving from openness to inclusion”.