Eva holds a MSc in Econometrics (2013) and a PhD in Economics (2017) from the Université catholique de Louvain. Her research discusses the strategic implications of growing environmental and social concerns and identifies opportunities for adopting sustainable business models.

PhD in Economics, Université catholique de Louvain


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Research Areas

Industrial Economics
Environmental Economics
Sustainability Strategies
Circular Economy
Supplier Codes of Conduct
Corporate Social Responsibility




Incumbents and the sharing economy: the example of GM

First published on IPdigIT. © Deloitte, 2015: The sharing economy. It is safe to say that the automotive industry experiences some turmoil; cars themselves, as well as the way we are using them, are changing profoundly. Traditional, petrol-powered, cars are slowly being replaced by electric cars and potentially fully autonomous vehicles. On the consumer level, […]

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Taking on Uber

First published on IPdigIT. Over the past six years, Uber has become a synonym for on-demand transportation services. The San-Francisco based start-up pioneered the industry and continues to hold the pole position in the American market. According to a recent article on Bloomberg, Uber currently seeks to raise $2.1 billion in a financing round that […]

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Mind. your own. business school – a case study of a multi-sided platform

First published on IPdigIT. This blog post is based on the comments of Master students to an article posted by Paul Belleflamme on IPdigIT in April 2014. source: mybs.eu A large part of today’s most successful and fastest growing business ventures is in fact multi-sided. Meaning they enable and derive value from the interaction between […]