Pauline is working for the Biodiversity Governance Unit (BIOGOV) of the Centre for Philosophy of Law of UCL since April 2017. She is involved in a project led by the Socio-Economics, Environment and Development Unit (SEED) of the Department of Sciences and Environmental Management of the University of Liege. Her role is to research on methods for trans-disciplinary processes between civil society, policy makers and scientists on societal transformation towards socially inclusive and economically robust environmental sustainability. Civil Engineer and Urban Planner from INSA de Lyon (France 2015), Pauline focused her previous research projects on environmental sustainability (Australia 2015) and contributed to a collaborative research process on alternative water management within GRAIE (France 2014). She also gathered empirical knowledge on the building process of grassroots movements for climate justice at the Center for environment and development studies, CEMUS, of Uppsala University (Sweden 2016). Additionally, she is part of a collective named Adret, which is currently writing a book about civil society initiatives for environmental and social transformation.
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Research assistant in the Biodiversity Governance Unit (BIOGOV) of the Centre for Philosophy of Law of UCL
Collège Thomas More
Place Montesquieu 2
B–1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


Expérimentation d’un institut de recherche écocitoyen en province du Luxembourg Belge - Experimentation of an Eco-citizen research institute in Province du Luxembourg

Research Areas

Trans-disciplinary partnership research
Co-construction of research questions
Place of normative background in research
Environmental and Social Sustainability Transition