Louise is an economist graduated from UCL. She took the options social economy, development economics and macroeconomics structural politics. She did her master thesis with Marthe Nyssens on the diverse mode of governance in different forms of ownership (coops, non-profit organizations, SMEs and FPOs). In January 2017, she started a PhD on collaborative economy as part of the City4CoEN project (Collaborative cities for collaborative entrepreneurs). The first stage of the project consists of building a typology of the different organizational and economic models of the collaborative economy in Brussels. The second stage of the project will analyse whether these different organizational and economic models lead to different impacts on social inclusion, the quality and security of jobs and the environmental sustainability.

+32 496 617 161
PhD Researcher at CIRTES (Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche Travail, Etat, Société), IRES (Institute of Economic and Social Research) and BIOGOV (Biodiversity Governance)
Place Montesquieu 3/L2.06.01
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve



Research Areas

Social economics
Mode of governance
Collaborative economics and labour economics


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